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Whatever area of consultation you require advice, we have the people and expertise for the job – no matter how big or small.
Ecological Walkover, Extended Phase One Surveys and Biological Data Searches
Be it a basic level Ecological Walkover Survey, or a full Extended Phase One Survey that includes a complete and comprehensive Biological Data Search, these surveys form the initial backbone of any ecological assessment. These surveys give the user a clear understanding of the habitats and species that are likely to become apparent during the works . Usually the findings are presented as a comprehensive report that can include biological records, habitat maps and protected species information.
Bat Surveys, Mitigation and Licencing
Our team of experienced and skilled ecologists are able to carry out all aspects of bat surveys including; fixed point bat surveys, evening emergence/ dawn swarming bat surveys, tree climbing surveys to check potential roost features, bat activity transect surveys and building checks. Our surveys are always lead by a licenced ecologist. Our surveys will feed into the recommendation for methods of works that will enable the project to proceed while maintaining and enhancing the overall conservation status of bat species.
Protected Species Surveys and Licensing
We have the expertise to carry out a full suite of protected species surveys. We are able to survey for a wide range of protected species including; water voles, otters, white clawed crayfish, badger, dormice, Roman snail, reptiles and amphibians. We are able to ensure that all protected species licensing requirements are completed, liaising effectively with all the relevant statutory bodies and interested parties to provide a complete and fluid client focused project delivery.. While there is no substitute for experience and knowledge, our ecologists are bringing in new and innovative technology to assist in field surveys be it in the form of Wildlife Acoustics Echo Touch® meter technology or in the use of hand held devices and software such as Cyber-Tracker® for wildlife monitoring. We are currently field testing drone technology for a variety of survey uses, notably tree bat roost assessments, and surveying in other difficult to access locations including high buildings and river banks.
BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes
Our work has enabled our clients to gain the highest grades for ecological credits via our recommendations for the protection and enhancement of ecological features. We have extensive expertise in this aspect of BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes work and are able to provide a full ecological consultancy service to satisfy your requirements.
Great Crested Newt Surveys, Reptile Surveys, Licencing and Mitigation
The home-counties around London and the south east of England are regarded as an internationally important location for great crested newts. Therefore, our ecologists are licenced to survey for great crested newt following best practice guidance. We have extensive experience with this species completing successful mitigation licence applications when necessary. We are also able to carry out reptile surveys, including smooth snake and sand lizard completing licence applications where appropriate and advising on suitable mitigation and translocation strategies that will ensure that protected species legislation is adhered to, while enabling the project to proceed unhindered.
Breeding & Wintering Bird Surveys and Barn Owl Surveys
These surveys require a high level of skill and knowledge to carry out therefore we make use of highly skilled and experienced consultant ornithologists. The surveys are carried out using the British Trust for Ornithology breeding bird and wintering bird survey methodologies. Our barn owl surveys are carried out using the survey techniques and guidance provided by the Barn Owl Trust. Following these surveys we are able to provide recommendation on suitable and practical mitigation and to complete licencing application requirements.
Riparian Mammal Surveys
Both the water vole and otter are protected species, therefore there potential presence is a material consideration on any activity on or adjacent to riparian habitat that is likely to cause an impact deliberately and/ or accidentally. These riparian mammal surveys identify locations along a water course that are likely to contain these protected species.
Tree Climbing Surveys
Our highly experienced team of climbers are all qualified to the National Proficiency Test Council standard and come from a variety of backgrounds from canopy ecology research to arboriculture. Our climbing surveys are always lead by an experienced and bat licenced (Class II) climber and our kit conforms to LOLER regulations. Safety for us is paramount and unconditional.
BS 5837 Trees in Relation to Construction
In September 2005 the revised BS5837 came into force. This British Standard provides guidance, in relation to development sites, on to which trees should be retained and protecting the trees that are retained, during and after development. This applies to most applications where construction work is involved.
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